Friday, March 29, 2013

March Block for Mallory

Mallory sent two white on white fabrics and the blue background fabric. I ended up adding in a few of my own white on white fabrics, and I think they turned out great. The pattern for the block on the left can be found here, and the one for block on the right came from Esther at ipatch.

Unfortunately, the block on the right turned out a little small. I thought it had a 1/4 inch seam allowance already, but maybe I was mistaken. And I didn't have enough background fabric to put a border around the outside, but it was too pretty not to send off. So hopefully Mallory can do that herself.

March 2013 Theme

What is your theme (if you want everyone to make a specific block type please provide a pattern to follow)?
I've been really debating. On one hand, I have a ton of WIP that I could use help with. On the other, what's one more project... I'm thinking one more project it is! My theme is stars. My hubby is an astrophysicist (I know, nerd, right?) and I'd love to make a constellation quilt for him. Paper pieced, basic--I'm willing to have whatever.

Is there anything you don't want on your block (things sticking off the surface of the fabric, applique, etc.)?

Nothing hanging off the blocks please! This is going to be a present for my hubs, and I'm sure that he'd rather not have to avoid buttons or other similar items

What size block would you like (unfinished v. finished)?

Since I'm going to be making a larger pattern from the blocks, I think I want to keep the blocks around 8 inches finished (8.5 unfinished)

Do you have any particular instructions for the fabric (don't use a certain color as a background, use some of every fabric sent, etc.)?

I'm going to be sending blue star fabric (likely 2 12 x 12 pieces), which is intended to be used as a background, and multiple tone-on-tone white fabrics for the stars. As far as the white, use what speaks to you

Can members use their own fabrics, or should we stick with yours? If yes, should it be washed or unwashed?

Please keep the blue fabric as the background only. As far as the white, any white tone-on-tone would be acceptable. I do prefer unwashed fabrics, but, if you're more comforable with washed, please be my guest

Can members make more than one block if they are feeling inspired?

Sure! I will try to include enough fabric for multiple blocks, but please let me know if you need more!

Do you have preferences for thread color (white/off white/etc.)?

No preference for piecing. Quilting would be a completely different story!

Would you like people to send back any scraps?

As I will be using the leftover fabric to make the constellation, please do send back any pieces that you do not use (unless it's love at first sight--I can't stand in the way of that!)

Please share any links that inspired your theme (flickr/pinterest/etc.).