Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 2013 Theme

What is your theme (if you want everyone to make a specific block type please provide a pattern to follow)?
Rainbow Starburst Block

Tutorial can be found here.

What size block would you like (unfinished v. finished)?

17.5 unfinished

Do you have any particular instructions for the fabric (don't use a certain color as a background, use some of every fabric sent, etc.)?

I'm sending 5 inch charms that need to be cut down into 4 inch blocks.

Can members use their own fabrics, or should we stick with yours? If yes, should it be washed or unwashed?

Each person will be assigned a color. If you have red and feel like you have a fabric that better represents that color instead of mine, please feel free to swap out.

Can members make more than one block if they are feeling inspired?

One block each will be plenty to make a large quilt.

Do you have preferences for thread color (white/off white/etc.)?

Any neutral thread you have in your machine should be fine for the piecing.

Please share any links that inspired your theme (flickr/pinterest/etc.).
Reverse Rainbow Starburst finished by Flutter from.Kat (Mummastimetocreate)

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