Saturday, October 20, 2012

December Block Completed

I received my December fabric in the mail today. It was there when I got home, and I was so excited. Apparently excited enough to just bust it out. So, here we have my completed December blocks, which will make their way back to Erin soon. I was thinking that the leftover fabric triangles would look great pieced together as a fun border.

 This is the fabric I received.
 My first block to see how it all worked. Worked just fine.
The rest of the blocks I chain pieced. First one side, then the other. Then I decided what order I wanted the blocks in and sewed the parts together. These are the completed blocks.


  1. Wowzas, Anna! AWESOME JOB!!
    Love them - can't wait to get them back! Yipppeeeeee!!!
    (starting on yours tomorrow :))

    1. They were really fun and quick and easy. Do you want the little triangles back for a fun pieced border?

    2. That would be great Anna - I have an idea for their use :) Thank you!