Thursday, October 11, 2012

November Fabric

I stopped at Staples after work yesterday and bought envelopes and labels. Went home, printed said labels and stuffed envelopes with the following:

1 13x13in square (purple or green)
1 6.5x13in rectangle (purple or green, but opposite of the 13x13 square, i.e. if you get a large green square, you will receive a purple rectangle)
2 4.5-6.5x13in rectangles (one purple, one green)
2 6-7x5in rectangles (the two different whites)
1 Circle with iron-on fusible backing as the signature block (white or lavender)

Also included in each envelope:
The November Theme, so you can have it by your sewing machine to refer back to
The complete address list

I have them in a bag with me, at work. And will mosey on over to the Post Office during my lunch break and drop them in the mail. Let the mailman/woman stalking begin. Happy sewing!

Edit: They made it to the Post Office today, have been stamped, and are on their way to you gals.

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