Friday, October 05, 2012

November 2012 Theme

Here is the theme and fabric for November 2012. Still haven't cut the fabric or sent it out, but I'm hoping to get around to that over the long weekend.

What is your theme (if you want everyone to make a specific block type please provide a pattern to follow)?Circles, there must be at least one full circle on every block. They can be pieced, machine- or hand appliqued. Think outside the box (windows, the sun, the moon, and many other things can be circular). Many links for inspiration below.

Is there anything you don't want on your block (things sticking off the surface of the fabric, applique, etc.)?
Things sticking off the surface (definitely no yo-yo's, no buttons, etc.), flat applique and embroidery are fine.

What size block would you like (unfinished v. finished)?
12.5 inches square unfinished (you can also leave a little more room if you'd like, but I'll be cutting it down to 12.5x12.5), I will be sending a circle in either a white or lavender solid, please sign it with a fabric market and send it back with your block.

Do you have any particular instructions for the fabric (don't use a certain color as a background, use some of every fabric sent, etc.)?
Please use the white fabric sparringly and not along the outside of the block. And use some of each color in your block.

Can members use their own fabrics, or should we stick with yours? If yes, should it be washed or unwashed?
Yes, as long as it is a patterned fabric in either purple, bright green, or white (same request as above for the white), is 100% cotton, and is pre-washed.

Can members make more than one block if they are feeling inspired?
Absolutely, go nuts.

Do you have preferences for thread color (white/off white/etc.)?
Whatever is in your sewing machine is fine.

Would you like people to send back any scraps?
November 2012 Fabric

Please send back any scraps of the bright green with outlined white petals (first on the left in the green row in the above picture), it was the last bit that the store had so I don't know if I'll be able to get any more. Other than that, if there's something you particularly like, keep it. Otherwise please send back any extra fabric as I'll use it to finish the quilt.

Please share any links that inspired your theme (flickr/pinterest/etc.).
Wonky Circle
Fussy Cut Center
Circle is only indicated
Pieced Circle
Many Circles
Rocket with a circular window
A birdhouse with a circular opening
Not a block, but could easily be turned into one (aka tree with circle leaves)
If you want some great nature photography as inspiration

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  1. cool Anna! I think I'm going to try and figure out those wonky circles sans pattern ;)