Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stacey's November and December Blocks

Hi ladies - I just posted this on my blog and wanted to share here as well :

I finally got a little bit of time carved out for sewing and I had two fun blocks to make for my new online bee buddies from Color Bee Shocked.

Anna is kicking us off for the year with these cute green, purple and white fabrics. She asked for anything to do with circles.  I've been really thinking this over and found a tutorial by Angela from Cut to Pieces on doing a set-in circle.  I decided to string piece the inner circle with the coordinating fabrics and use one print alone for the background.  Note to self, don't go experimenting with other people's blocks.  It all turned out fine,  but I was so stressed trying out a new technique with someone else's precious fabric :)

My block ended up a little short, so I had to add a border, but in the end, I actually liked the contrast the purple added.

Color Bee Shocked November block for Anna.

Erin sent us some gorgeous Kate Spain fabrics with directions for a flying geese block.  Her instructions were great and the blocks went together very quickly.  Here are my two blocks for her:

Color Bee Shocked December block for Erin.

All in all, I felt very productive for a Sunday - since I was also trying to catch up on laundry and clean up a little as well.   These will go off in the mail this week - we are off to a great start!


  1. Wow! I can't believe you have both month's blocks done already! :) They look great. I'm having trouble brainstorming what I'll do for the circular block, but I love what you put together. Looks great!

    1. Thanks - I had to just dive in or I would have been over-thinking about it for the next 4 weeks!!


  2. I best be getting me arse in gear! lol.
    You girls ROCK!!

  3. I just commented on your blog post. But I forgot to add kudos for trying out a new technique. Also, I love that purple border. Just afraid it will get lost in the seam allowance.

    1. It finished about 1/2 inch so there should be a 1/4 inch of it left, which I hope will still set it off a little. I was afraid of that too, but I didn't have enough of the purple left to do more. Sorry :( If you get it back and want to cut down the circle a little and widen the borders, you could definitely do that.

    2. That should be perfect, otherwise I do have some of that fabric left. I was also playing with the idea of sashing the blocks in the opposing colors. But I think I like the idea of white sashing better.

    3. Lovely, Stacey. And nice assist from Erin!

  4. ^^ HOLY MOLY!!! THE Kate Spain????^^
    Welcome to our humble blog :D